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Answering Your Questions About Family Law

Last updated on November 3, 2023

Family law matters run the gamut, varying from divorce and child support to alimony and adoption. When you need a skilled family law attorney prepared to answer your questions and provide crucial insight, you can count on the Law Office of Christina D. Hills, PLC, in Monroe, Michigan.

Founding attorney Christina D. Hills has more than 30 years of experience guiding clients in the Detroit metro area. A compassionate and aggressive attorney prepared to protect your interests, she will get the job done to the best of her abilities. Here is a list of some common FAQs.

Q: Can the amount of child support be changed?

A: Yes. As part of what is considered “post-divorce modifications,” the amount of child support may increase or decrease, depending on the circumstances. The most likely reasons for child support revisions are significant changes that have taken place in a parent’s life, including a significant boost in income, a large inheritance or a job loss. Other reasons may be the remarriage of one parent or changes in the child’s needs. The latter may include increased school and health care expenses.

Q: How does a court decide which parent will get custody of a child?

A: The main thing that judges consider is the best interest of the child. Many factors play into this, including:

  • The child’s needs
  • The child’s age and physical and mental condition
  • The age of each parent, as well as their physical and mental conditions
  • The child’s relationship with each parent
  • The child’s preference for where he or she wants to live
  • Each parent’s ability in providing basic needs
  • The routines of the child related to their home, schooling and community activities
  • Whether histories exist of abuse, domestic violence and drugs or alcohol

Q: What assets are divided in a divorce?

A: Marital assets – the assets you accumulated during your marriage – are subject to equitable distribution. They may include the family home, investment property, real estate, a family-owned business, stocks and bonds, retirement investments and motor vehicles, as well as jewelry, collectibles and artwork.

Q: I am considering adopting my grandchild. How can an attorney help me accomplish this?

A: An experienced family law attorney can evaluate your case and provide no-nonsense insight and top-notch legal guidance. Ms. Hills, a trial-tested attorney, will negotiate for you and represent you in court. Children thrust in the above scenario often live in unstable homes. In adoption cases, a judge reviews each case and may terminate the parental rights of the child’s mother and father for reasons including neglect and abandonment of the child, a history of sexual and physical abuse, mental illness, a history of substance abuse and being a convicted felon.

Q: How is alimony or spousal support determined?

A: Judges review many factors. They look at the earnings of each spouse, how long the marriage lasted and the standard of living couples had during the marriage. Additional factors considered include investments each person brought to the marriage, the specific needs of a spouse in connection with age, physical and emotional states and earnings ability. They also will consider the length of time an alimony recipient will take to get education and training in order to become self-reliant.

Responsive to all her clients, Ms. Hills will guide you and help you overcome any legal obstacles in family law matters.

Answering Your Questions At A Free Consultation

If you have questions about a family law matter such as divorce, child custody, adoption and prenuptial agreements, the Law Office of Christina D. Hills, PLC, in Monroe, Michigan, has the answers. With more than 30 years practicing law, founding attorney Christina D. Hills has the skills you will need. She offers free initial consultations, so please contact her by filling out this online form or calling 734-242-2220.