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Experience And Understanding In Guardianship And Termination Cases

Ensuring that a child has proper care is essential. In some cases, a child may be in danger of not receiving the care he or she requires. These situations often warrant child guardianship, subsequent termination of parental rights and possible adoption of the child.

At the Law Office of Christina D. Hills, PLC, in Monroe, Michigan, we confidently represent clients within the scope of our family law practice. In her more than 30 years of practicing law, founding attorney Christina D. Hills has guided many clients in guardianship, termination and adoption cases. She will explain your rights, focusing on your needs as well as the needs of the children. Ms. Hills also has been a court-appointed guardian ad litem for more than 20 years.

Securing Child Guardianship

When a child is in danger or has no one who can care for them, it may be in their best interests for a relative or another loved one to take over for the parents and be granted a child guardianship. This allows the trusted adult to care for the child and make decisions that relate to their schooling and medical care, among other issues.

In Michigan, a guardian must have grounds to seek the termination of the parental rights of the biological parent or parents. A child who is abused, neglected or subjected to other harm is most likely in a situation where termination is warranted. If the termination is granted, a petition to adopt is frequently filed. Termination is often sought for individuals or couples who have had guardianship for two to four years, potentially less if the situation is serious and the child is in danger.

Prepared To Help In Adoption

Whether you are a guardian seeking adoption, a stepparent wishing to adopt a stepchild or a couple seeking the private adoption of a child, our firm can assist you in gathering and filing all of the proper documents. We can stand by you throughout the course of your stepparent or another adoption to ensure that you are protected and that the child’s best interests are being preserved.

Schedule A Free Consultation With Us

To learn more about how we help clients in guardianship, termination and adoption matters, contact the Law Office of Christina D. Hills, PLC, in Monroe, Michigan. We understand the emotions that accompany these matters and work to minimize the additional stress that these issues may cause. For a free consultation, contact us online or call 734-242-2220.